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Kobaisi Precast Concrete is a new division of Al Kobaisi Group of img1aCompanies. KPC with its new technology and consistent development of innovative products is the new leader in the Precast Industry in Bahrain. Combined with in-depth experience, integrity and design excellence, KPC offers concrete products with highest quality and durability. KPC enters Bahrain market with the latest Hi-Tech, State of the Art Production Technology. Our new computerized circulating – production line, which is the only one of its kind in Bahrain, reduces production time, enhances quality and decrease risk of human errors.

The production process


With the assistance of our specialist in-house design team, we are able to provide clients and their project consultants with designs and feasibility solutions to best apply our products. The design department is equipped with the latest computer software to design precast for any application.


Our computerized precast circular line combined with our new Battery, Stair and Beam moulds are designed to produce a concrete volume of 450 img2am3 per day. Our Hollow Core production facility has a capacity to produce 2,880 m2 per day.

Master Computer:

A central master computer is employed to monitor and control the entire plant. Via the master computer, pallet movements are efficiently coordinated and monitored using our control software system.

Circular Line:

Flat precast concrete products such as lattice girder floors,double, solid, lightweight concrete and sandwich wall panels as well as cladding can be fabricated in our rotating production facility with its automated production process. The production pallet circulates through the plant from the cleaning station to the de-moulding station, where the finished product is removed.


The new bending bench is a high performance multi-purpose coil processing centre for the production of straight bars and bobbed bars as well as a variety of other shapes and forms. The machine is fully img3acomputerized and is fed with the required information direct from the design department through AutoCad drawings.

Battery Mould:

Our new Battery Moulds are designed for vertical fabrication of single layer, large area reinforced precast products of varying dimensions. Vibrators facilitate the effective compacting of the freshly-poured concrete.

Curing Chamber:

Pallets containing freshly poured products are transferred to rack units for curing. The pallets are serviced by a fully automatic ultra modern computer- controlled Curing Chamber. In the Curing Chamber the moisture content and air circulation is maintained at optimum values which increase the consistency in quality and curing of concrete products.

Hollow Core:

Our new Hollow Core Production Facility is equipped with the latest extruder technology by Weiler of Germany, is superior in the production of img4ahollow-core and solid slabs. KPC produces slabs with a width of 340mm to 1,200 mm, a thickness of 150mm to 400mm and lengths up to 21m. Efficient operation is based on solutions which improves performance, quality, safety and enables optimized preventive maintenance.


Skilled erection teams handle the daily erection schedule with ease. The lifting and placing of panels is done with adherence to all safety measures on-site. Lifting is done by clamps supported by safety chains to reduce risks.